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Let’s Keep Things Running

The friendly, experienced service department at Goodyear Autocare Merimbula will keep your vehicle in top condition. We use the latest diagnostic technology to provide high-quality service and quick turnaround. 
We also offer many preventative maintenance options. It’s the convenient way to keep your car healthy.
From head gasket to tailpipe, we’ve got you covered. We know what we’re doing, and we’re dedicated to keeping you safe on the road. Your satisfaction is our highest priority!

Our Auto Services Include the Following:

  • Car Servicing
    • Basic Vehicle Service
    • Major Vehicle Service
    • Log Book Service
  • Annual Road Worthy Certificates (Pink Slip)
  • Wheel Alignments
    • Passenger | SUV | 4WD | Light Truck
  • Puncture Repairs
    • Passenger | SUV | 4WD | Light Truck
  • Wheel Balancing & Rotation
  • Suspension & Shock Maintenance as well as Replacement
    • Monroe Specialist, other brands also available
  • Exhaust System Maintenance & Replacement
  • Clutch & Auto Transmissions
  • Fitting Driving Lights & Accessories
  • Tow Bar Equipment & Fitting
  • THULE Roof Rack Systems & Accessories, Advice & Fitting
  • Pre-Purchase Check & Report
    • Before purchasing a used vehicle, we can do a Pre Purchase Check & Report for you. All inspections are conducted by our Qualified Mechanics. Ensure your next vehicle purchase is the right one.
  • Air Conditioning Service ARC Certified
    • This service includes testing and system check for function and performance. Evacuate / Recover & Re-charge of refridgerant gas. Leak test and check vent temperatures. 
  • Brake Service                                                                                                           
    • This service includes a hydroscopic test of brake fluid and flushing of system fluid if required. Inspection of hydraulic hoses and fittings, brake callipers, pad wear and disc rotors. 
  • Cooling System Service                                                      
    • This service includes pressure testing the cooling system, visual check of components and flushing of the engine block and heater. Coolant replaced and thermostat and display gauges are inspected. 
  • EGR Intake Service                                                 
    • This service removes carbon deposits from EGR and Induction Systems. This service should lower emissions and smooth any rough idle. It should also improve performance and fuel economy.
  • DPF Service                                                  
    • This service reduces DPF regeneration cycles, improves performance and fuel economy.
  • Hand Car Wash
    • Basic Wash Outside: Rinse | Wash | Light chamois
    • Basic Wash + Vacuum
    • Basic Wash + Vacuum + Inside Tidy
    • Basic Wash + Vacuum + Inside Tidy + Windows                
Prices based on basic washing, more detailed or heavy duty work may require a quote
We use high-quality Exide car batteries and offer free testing, fitting and disposal for them!
Goodyear Autocare Merimbula is a licensed air conditioning specialist. We can test for refrigerant leaks, replace damaged components, replace refrigerant or repair faulty A/C systems. Call to schedule an appointment today or just drive on in!
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